Luckslinger Limited Edition PS Vita

by EastAsiaSoft



Luckslinger Limited Edition

Compatible with PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

TBC - 2021/Q3

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Version: Asia
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Classic spaghetti western meets hip hop style!
In the Wild West, it takes a lot of luck just to stay alive. Fortunately in Luckslinger, good fortune is measurable, collectible, and usable whenever you need it most. Kill bandits, steal their luck and use it for your own good. The more luck you have, the better chance you have that enemy bullets will miss, you get saved from a bad jump or better loot is dropped at your feet. But beware! When you don’t have much luck built up in your special bracelet, bridges might collapse, rocks could tumble loose or outlaws might find a way to get the jump on you!

Inspired by the unrealistically fast gunslingers, dark humor, and greed-driven anti-heroes of spaghetti western classics, Luckslinger is an action-packed romp through the gritty frontier with a unique hip hop twist. Graffiti spraying, vinyl digging, slow drums, and jazzy samples give this western a modern and slightly anachronistic flair all its own.
  • Explore a pixel art rendition of the Wild West
  • Collect luck and use it to cheat death!
  • Enjoy a hip hop soundtrack for a modern twist on spaghetti western         aesthetics
  • Receive assistance from your sometimes trusty duck companion
  • Take down outlaws and save the town of Clovercreek from misfortune!