Fortnite The Last Laugh Bundle

by Epic Games



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Fortnite The Last Laugh Bundle

Compatible with PlayStation 5

Fortnite is going to be available on PlayStation 5.  We still don't have final release dates, but do know is coming at some point in November.

This is a pre-order - the item will be dispatched to you on or before the release date - subject to change by the publisher.

Product description

Genius comes in many forms - whether you're dangerously funny, creating havoc with wild plants, or flooding the island with your best intentions; it often comes along with a companion: madness. Become everyone’s nemesis with The Last Laugh bundle!


    The Joker Outfit, Laugh Riot Back Bling
    Bad Joke Harvesting Tool
    The Joker's Revenge Harvesting Tool
    Pick a Card Emote, Poison Ivy Outfit
    Back Bloom Back Bling
    Ivy Axe Harvesting Tool
    Midas Rex Outfit
    Midas Crest Back Bling
    Kingmaker Harvesting Tool
    1,000 V-Bucks.

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