Trivial Pursuit - 007 Edition

by Hasbro



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Enter the super secret world of 007 and relive the adventures of James Bond, agent extraordinaire, with this unique edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Test your knowledge and prove your are a true Bond Fan with the James Bond Trivial Pursuit! This edition contains 600 questions based on all your favourite 007 movies.

Test your trivia from the following topics: Cast, The Films, Vehicles, Gadgets, Locations and Behind the Scenes! The game is perfect for any secret agent on the go, requiring no board and an easy to carry around bite size wedge case.


  • Enjoy the Spectrecle of Trivial Pursuit based on Bond... James Bond.
  • Features 600 questions to test the absolute limits of your Dr Noledge.
  • Covers the cast, films, vehicles, gadgets, locations and more!
  • Bite-size game comes with coloured dice to make it perfect for travelling.
  • Comes packed with a licence to thrill!
  • Play and let die with two or more players aged eight and over!