Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype Definitive Edition (Ltd. Ed )




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Söldner-X 2 Final Prototype Definitive Edition (Limited Edition)



Compatible with PlayStation 4

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Language      English, French, German, Japanese
Version         Asia


A side-scrolling shooter sensation returns, bigger and bolder than ever before!

Blending traditional arcade gameplay with scorching HD visuals and rocking audio presentation, Söldner-X 2: Definitive Edition is laser-focused on bringing everything the genre is known for into the current generation.

Dynamic score-linked difficulty, a challenge mode that rewards skillful performance with bonus features, devastating limit attacks and a pumping soundtrack are just the beginning.

All previous DLC is now included in the base game, replay sharing and online scoreboards support friend lists, weapon and boss effects have been updated, challenge difficulties have been rebalanced, plus there’s a new gallery mode.

This is the ultimate realization of Söldner-X 2, fully revised and reborn!


  • Master 10 stages of blistering shoot’em up action
  • Choose from 3 ships, each tuned for a unique play style
  • Take down fierce and gigantic bosses!
  • Unlock a variety of bonuses, some useful and others purely prestigious
  • Discover a brand new gallery mode!
  • Enjoy HD presentation in 60 fps with almost no load times.
  • Share your victory with friends using detailed score tables and replay sharing
  • Get in the mood with more than 30 adrenaline-pumping music tracks!

Box contents

    Söldner-X 2 Definitive Edition Collector’s Box
    Söldner-X 2 Definitive Edition Game (region free)
    Söldner-X 2 Definitive Edition Manual
    Söldner-X 2 Definitive Edition Original Soundtrack (2CD)
    Söldner-X 2 Definitive Edition Poster
    Söldner-X 2 Definitive Edition Numbered Certificate