Senran Kagura Burst Re Newal At the Seams Ed. PS4

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 Senran Kagura Burst Re Newal [At the Seams Edition]

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Shinobi. Ninja. Masters of stealth and spy craft. Since the olden days of feudal Japan, their legends and mysteries have intrigued millions worldwide. Games, films, and books spin tales of shinobi in modern times, still fighting for their masters in the shadows of the world's city skylines. Those tales are only slightly inaccurate. Welcome to Hanz? National Academy, a shinobi training center hidden in plain sight on the campus of a normal high school. Here, they train "good shinobi": spies and saboteurs authorized to perform covert operations for the Japanese government. In a historical castle across the city lies Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, where young students train as "evil shinobi" who perform the same dirty work, but for the highest bidder. The girls of both schools' Elite classes have the same hopes, dreams, and anxieties as any other teenager - but they also face rigorous training and deadly combat. With good and evil destined to clash, the girls are about to learn a dangerous lesson: sometimes, true understanding can only come through battle. The lethal ladies of the SENRAN KAGURA series take another stab at their origin story in SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal. Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS as a 2.5D brawler, Re:Newal brings the girls' original high-bouncing adventures into full 3D on the big screen. With new battle mechanics, new customization options, and a brand-new look, SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal is a fresh take on the game that started it all. 'At the Seams' edition comes with a two-disc soundtrack, a DLC key containing in-game contents Re:Newal Old Hanzo Uniform and Burst Girls Uniform, Lovey-Dovey Couple Diorama Pose Set and additional playable character Yumi with an exclusive episode, and “Busty Besties” - A set of six rubber straps with display stands.

  • At the Seams edition - soundtrack, in-game DLC Uniforms, Lovey-Dovey Couple Diorama Pose Set, playable character Yumi, exclusive episode, Busty Besties- set of six rubber straps with display stands
  • Whole New Dimension - New visual presentation explores the original Burst's battle arenas in 3D, while improvements to the character models and battle physics are accompanied by new special effects
  • Blast Off with New Burst Mechanic - Dominate opponents with the Burst maneuver, which allows infinite aerial combos. End combos with Burst Finisher, and rip rival's health bars (and clothes) to shreds
  • Look Your Best -Customize your favorite girl's outfit, hair, accessories, and skin tone in the Dressing Room; Classic favorite outfits and options return, along with a wealth of new ones
  • DLC Brings Additional Prologue Stories - Two premium DLC episodes reveal insightful new chapters in the lives of Yumi, a champion of shining purity, and Miyabi, a born warrior hell-bent on revenge

Menus & Interface : English
Subtitles: English
Voices: Japanese


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