Rolling Sky Collection ( 1 & 2 ) Switch

by Leoful

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£30.83 £36.25

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Rolling Sky Collection Switch  - Nintendo Switch

(Rolling Sky and Rolling Sky 2 are in a single cartridge)

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Version: Asia

English box and game also playable in( Italian - French - Spanish - Dutch - Russian )

Rolling Sky is a ball running game that combines rhythm and fun.

Challenge your speed and showcase your reaction time! Stunning 3D effects, easy to operate, simply steer the ball to dodge the obstacles and conquer the world!

Rolling Sky 2 is a Running Game that combines music and story.

Do you remember that the Parkour's pleasure and excitement through simple fingertips swipe in Rolling Sky?
The sequel "Rolling Sky 2" will bring you more visual and auditory feasts. Enter an impressive dream journey in the thrilling musical rhythm challenge.

  • Easy to operate but challenging
  • Stunning 3D visual effects
  • Abundant game scenes, each scene presents a brand new challenge
  • Multiple songs that change along with the game scenes, enjoy the spectacular effects brought by the music
  • New Original Music
  • Unique Levels & Gameplay with Rich Music & Stories
  • A Playable animated Movie that Combines Audio and Visual Adventures