Fire Emblem Three Houses Limited Edition

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Fire Emblem Three Houses Limited Edition Nintendo Switch Gam

Product Description

With Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a brand new Fire Emblem title for Nintendo Switch is released. The fans of the strategy cult series can look forward to a completely new story, new characters, a new world and new game elements. Place of action is Fódlan, an empire in which the church of Seiros exercises sovereignty over land and people. The players take on the role of the hero, who not only has to prove himself on the battlefield, but also make contacts, maintain relationships and gather information. For this he can interact freely with other characters in certain places. In addition, the turn-based tactics role-playing game on the battlefield comes with a whole new twist: The players are supported by a whole troop of warriors. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses will show who has the makings of survivalist and conqueror.

Fire Emblem fans lead their troops into battle
• Traditional, turn-based tactical RPG with a new strategic spin: players command entire troop formations in combat
• In places, players can freely control their hero to interact with other characters and gather information
• The protagonist encounters three main characters - Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude - who play an important role in the storyline
• Place of action is a whole new world: Fódlan, in which the church of Seiros has the power

The Limited Edition contains:
• The Game "Fire Emblem: Three Houses"
• Steelbook
• Artbook
• Pin Set
• USB stick with soundtrack